Whittlesey community and care home residents raise funds for the Royal British Legion


Whittlesey community knew that it would be hard for the Royal British Legion to collect as normal for donations for the poppy fund this year due to the pandemic. They set out a mission and asked for the community to help and support this very important charity.


They asked their community to knit, crochet, and make poppies from different resources so they could arrange them around Whittlesey Town for everyone to see. They had 25 panels that they asked companies for sponsorship and all the donations go to the RBL, these were all sold withing two days.


Over 120 volunteers have provided poppies for the Poppy Blitz from the very young to the elderly. When the residents at Aliwal Manor Care Home in Whittlesey heard about the project, they straight away volunteered to help with this wonderful community spirit to help make funds for the RBL.


The residents helped to make some of the wonderful poppy wreaths that are now proudly displayed in Whittlesey. They have also made some blue poppies from the bottom of old lemonade bottles. They are displayed outside at the front of Aliwal Manor for everyone to admire.


The Blue poppies represent “Blue Petals with Love for frontline workers” that was started up by Kym Kynaston to help raise funds for the victims and families of COVID-19, which many of the Cambridgeshire Excelcare Homes have supported.


Kim Kynaston, Deborah Slater, Kim Howard and others also created a beautiful rainbow of poppies, donated by the Blue Petals with Love and Helping Whittlesey Groups for part of the spectacular display for Remembrance Day in Whittlesey.


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