New recipe to support people with dementia in Lincolnshire


Leading Lincolnshire care provider HICA Group has cooked up a new way to help support people suffering from dementia.

The not-for-profit care home group is always considering innovative ideas to improve the lives of those living with dementia.

The latest project is the design and production of a unique baking book to encourage residents to take up baking and cooking activities across its care homes. The book contains well known and much-loved recipes from residents, their families and members of staff – with each holding a special place in someone’s heart.

HICA Group, which provides residential and dementia care for residents across Lincolnshire, published the bespoke bakery book with the support of catering partner, Apetito, which generously paid for the cost of getting the book printed.

Research shows that baking and associated activities are particularly beneficial for those living with dementia, as it encourages a sense of self-worth and purpose and helps to create positive feelings such as joy, reducing stress and agitation. It’s also a good tool for helping to alleviate depression which is very common in those who have dementia.

Mark Midgley, hospitality and wellbeing manager, HICA Group, said: “Baking is one the most enriching activities a person can do but it’s especially valuable for those living with a cognitive condition such as dementia.

“One great benefit of baking is that it’s a fantastic reminiscence tool, evoking memories of when they used to bake at home and enjoy delicious family meal occasions.

“It brings our sensory system alive meaning the feeling of flour in hands or the smell of icing can trigger nostalgia for our residents helping them to recall happy, cheerful memories.

“The book is truly wonderful and copies are being circulated across all of our homes so that residents can try a range of recipes to make different types of food.

“I want to express a huge thank you to all those who were involved and shared with us some of their best loved recipes – we can’t wait to sample some of the baking delights.”

Around 100 copies being distributed across all of HICA’s homes in Lincolnshire which includes The Anchorage and Cranwell Court in Grimsby and The Woulds Care Centre in Louth.

Harold, a resident, said: “I was delighted to give my recipe for ginger snaps to be used in the baking book. I love ginger and have always loved ginger snaps. I am looking forward to making them again with my friends and sharing them with everyone. They are always best if you dunk them in a cup of tea!”

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