Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Forward features 2020

As a healthcare business to business news site for the care sector; the basics that ensure a care service is delivered with quality and improved outcomes are often forgotten.

From January 2024 Care Industry News will be inviting products services and suppliers to the care sector to take part in the following features to let care management and care providers see what’s on offer.

The cost is £350 and includes a free page with links to your site and 2 images plus your logo- this will be shared via social media and will remain live on the site for 12 months.

These are the following features. Give us a call or email with your contact details and we’ll promote your service today.


  • Care staff and employment opportunities – Care staff, care jobs.
  • Selling your care home? Advice on who, where and what to do.
  • Health and Safety
  • Live in care- Is this the answer for people suffering loneliness.
  • Interior design for dementia care
  • Marketing your care service


  • End of life care- ensuring a good death.
  • Assistive Technology, mobility and falls.
  • Infection control- Products and services
  • Furniture for dementia residents
  • Care catering and diet for care home residents


  • Fire safety
  • Uniforms and work wear
  • Events and activities- for activity coordinators.
  • Furniture for care homes
  • Enjoying the company of care home residents


  • Dementia-care and training
  • Holiday planning- disability and learning disability support
  • Care home soft furnishing
  • Care home construction, planning and design


  • Awards-Is it worth buying a table when you can do it in-house?
  • Carers Week
  • Falls Awareness Week
  • Roster systems and staff management


  • Training – Invest in your care staff
  • Recruitment and Retention- Looking to keep and retain good care staff?
  • Care Home Open Day
  • Diet malnutrition and hydration for elderly and vulnerable adults


  • Assistive Technology in the home- For homecare providers.
  • Preventing loneliness
  • Care staff issues- HR discussion
  • Hydration and hot weather


  • Banning visitors and family – Why?
  • Care Quality Commission – Your views on the CQC


  • End of Life care and training
  • Incontinence products and care
  • Buying a care home – Advice and contacts.


  • Care and Dementia show – should you attend?
  • Home care and social care products and staff
  • Uniforms
  • Roster systems and online services for care home managers


  • Activity preparations for Christmas.
  • Awarding your care staff


  • Christmas parties
  • Ending loneliness

These are all paid for posts. This will give your product or service an immediate reach of 57,000+ healthcare professionals.