New Resources to Support Emotional Well-Being launched


New resources to help look after the emotional well-being of people who have Down’s syndrome have been launched. Following a 40% rise in calls to its Helpline, the Down’s Syndrome Association have released the FREE multi-media resources for parents, carers, social sector workers, and people who have Down’s syndrome.


The charity has spent the last two years working on the materials, and their launch could not be more timely, coming as it does in the midst of COVID-19 and ongoing regional lockdowns.


The comprehensive suite of resources covers subjects such as: feelings, bullying, stress, relaxation, anger, growing up, bereavement, and changes that can happen within families. There are accessible Easy Read resources for each subject, and the charity has worked with people who have Down’s syndrome throughout, to ensure their lived experiences and needs are reflected.


Gillian Bird, Services Director of the Down’s Syndrome Association said: ‘We are delighted to see this huge body of work come together. Designed in collaboration between our expert staff and around 90 people who have Down’s syndrome, the resources will be invaluable for parents, care providers, NHS Trusts and anyone who is concerned about promoting positive emotional well-being at this difficult time.’


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