Intergenerational activity celebrates National Arts in Care Homes Day

Iris Sutheran getting creative!

Hand in Hand Together is an intergenerational activity to create handprints, share stories, have fun and connect with others in the local community. Celebrating National Arts in Care Homes Day, 24 September 2020, The Together Project unveiled a one-of-a-kind artwork to highlight the increased need for intergenerational friendships and to support the hard work of care home staff.






Hand in Hand Together is:

  • Helping to address the loneliness of people shielding in care homes
  • Recognising the relentless hard work of the staff supporting them
  • Providing a fun, creative way for children and parents to connect with older people in the community

“Hand in Hand Together is symbolic of reaching across the divide that has been
created between care homes and their local communities during this
terrible time we’ve all been through.”

Louise Goulden, Founder, The Together Project

Care homes across the country have been in receipt of some exceptional outpourings of generosity from people outside the care home system. One group of homes highlighted the fact that residents were keen to give something back, for there to be a reciprocal exchange. However, they have been unable to do so – until now!

Running since August, children of all ages and older people in care homes have been swapping handprint pictures and sharing their stories. Handprint pictures have been received from all ages, ranging from 4 weeks old to 102 years old! It is a wonderful way to reach out to others and gives everyone the valuable chance to interact with other generations.

To celebrate, some of the handprints have been made into an incredibly moving collage depicting a truly intergenerational relationship – a baby holding the hand of an older person.


The amazing artwork was unveiled at Bucklesham Grange, Hallmark Care Homes on National Day of Arts in Care Homes (managed on behalf of National Activity Providers Association) on 24 September 2020. Residents and care home staff were in attendance for the unveiling.

“This is a truly heartwarming initiative and we have loved being involved. It’s been an incredibly tough time for everyone and this has really helped to lift spirits.”

April Dobson, Head of Relationship Centred Care, Hallmark Care Homes

The project is gaining momentum, children and residents are continuing to swap handprints and stories, making those important intergenerational connections. The Together Project wants to ensure every child and care home resident that wants to take part is able to.

Parents/guardians and care homes are asked to sign up at so The Together Project can ‘pair-up’ people of different generations. By signing up, parents/guardians and care homes will help us to reduce loneliness, improve wellbeing and help integrate local communities – it’s a great feeling!

 “It’s not just the handprints, the stories behind the handprints
are what make this project so special”

Beth Walker, Mum to Elsie (7) and Lonnie (4)

The Together Project will be visiting some of the stories behind the handprints in their social media campaign #handinhandtogether

Doreen Weeks with her handprint picture.

The Together Project is a non-profit, Community Interest Company founded in 2017 in Walthamstow, north-east London.

They run intergenerational activities that bring joy to people’s lives.

Their events reduce loneliness, improve wellbeing, tackle ageism and help integrate local communities.

Please visit to learn more about this campaign.

Prior to COVID-19, The Together Project ran a music group (Song & Smiles) for 0-4-year-olds, their grown-ups and older people, held in care homes and sheltered schemes.

On 11 March 2020, The Together Project announced that due to COVID-19, they would suspend Songs & Smiles sessions for the foreseeable future. Safety measures were being put in place within care homes which meant that The Together Project was unable to foster their usual intergenerational relationships.

Hand in Hand Together is their response to the need for reciprocal intergenerational activities.

The Together Project has a presence using  #handinhandtogether on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Please note: Handprints that were submitted before 28 August 2020 are featured in the final artwork. The project is still ongoing, the unveiling of the artwork is to highlight the plight of care homes and their residents.

The Together Project has photographed every handprint and has many available for use with this press release. If you would like photos of handprints, or children receiving their handprints through the post,  please do not hesitate to contact us.




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