Every Small Step – makes Dementia Carers Count


Dementia Carers Count (DCC) has launched its first ever virtual event; a walking challenge alongside a series of emotive and informative podcasts, that shine a light on the lives and experiences of just some of the family members and friends across the country who are caring for someone with dementia.

Every Small Step was launched yesterday, on National Dementia Carers Day, and will take place from Sunday 18th October to Thursday 22nd October. Anyone can take part and set their own walking challenge – whether it’s 100 or 10,000 steps – with the aim of reaching a cumulative total of 700,000 steps; one to represent every family dementia carer in the UK. On each day of the event a specially recorded podcast episode will be released, featuring carers, public figures, healthcare professionals and more. Participants can download the day’s episode to listen to on their walk. There’s also the opportunity to raise some money for DCC to continue its vital work for family dementia carers.

DCC supports friends and family caring for someone with dementia, and aims to be the UK’s go-to place for these carers. The charity offers a range of expert-led services that have been shown to change carers’ lives. These include in-depth one day and three day courses, as well as an online ‘Virtual Carers Centre’ for access to information and resources.

Heather Brown is an Ambassador for DCC, having cared for her husband, who had dementia. Heather said, ‘Every Small Step is a unique opportunity for each and every person in the country to walk together in support of those who are caring for someone with dementia. DCC helps so many carers not only with practical support, but also with a much-needed sense of community. That’s so important, especially in the current times.’

Claire Goodchild, DCC’s CEO, added: ‘We want to share just some of the stories of the carers that we meet, and give an insight into what goes on in their lives; the everyday challenges and the amazing job that they do. It can be eye-opening, heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time. By taking part in Every Small Step and walking together, we can all make sure that dementia carers count.’

You can register to take part in Every Small Step at https://dementiacarers.org.uk/event


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