Banners and balloons for Merseyside resident


A resident from Thornton Hall & Lodge Care Home in Liverpool has recently celebrated her 70th Birthday and 50th Wedding Anniversary. 


Jean Vandergrift was overwhelmed to be greeted by her family and beloved husband, Ray, on her very special day. Staff at the home worked tirelessly to organise an intimate celebration to mark these major milestones, including decorating the lounge with banners and balloons, popping open a bottle of Prosecco and playing Jean and Ray’s wedding song, “she wears my ring” as they entered the room. 


Ray was especially impressed by the way the staff made it a day to remember and when he heard the song playing, he began to reminisce on the past 50 years with his wife and it brought a tear to his eye. Afterwards, their son, Vincinet, thanked everyone saying, “I’m so grateful that the staff at Thornton Hall & Lodge have gone to so much effort to make it a special occasion for my Mum and Dad.” 


Home Manager, Michelle Duvall, said “It made it all worthwhile to see Jean and Ray having a lovely time together and we hope that our gesture adds to the many memories they’ve created.”  


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