Braintree care home residents rediscover a love for gardening and vegetables


Aspen Grange care home in Braintree has used the UK’s lockdown to develop a love of gardening and vegetable growing among its residents.

The care home, which is based on Coldnailhurst Avenue, regularly looks for interesting and creative ways to keep service users entertained, and throughout the period of restricted visits has managed to introduce residents to a range of new hobbies.

One of the new favourite activities amongst residents at Aspen Grange is vegetable growing.

Over recent weeks, the staff at the home have been encouraging residents to engage in a range of gardening-themed tasks. As part of the new programme, they have been planting a variety of plants and vegetables in the home’s vegetable patch, an area which includes a range of easily accessible planters and troughs for residents at the home to use.

Some of the vegetables that residents have planted include lettuces, tomatoes, runner beans and corn on the cob.

The gardening activities have proven to be extremely popular with residents and discussions have already taken place amongst residents about what other types of vegetables they would like to grow next.

Norman and Doug are two of the residents at Aspen Grange that have enjoyed taking part in the garden activities. Both Norman and Doug have said that they enjoy feeding the birds, watching the vegetables grow, and discussing what they will plant next.

Sharon Thompson, home manager at Aspen Grange, said: “At Aspen Grange, we always put the wellbeing of our residents first. We have an easily accessible garden area that resident can visit,  which not only is really good for their physical and mental health but also opens up the range of exciting and engaging activities that we can put on at the home.

“I am so glad that our residents have enjoyed the vegetable planting, the feedback to the gardening activities has been positive and some of our residents have certainly reawakened an old hobby”

Aspen Grange is managed by Healthcare Management Solutions.


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