High Wycombe resident celebrates resident’s 100th birthday with time capsule


Elizabeth Sturges, a resident at Gracewell of High Wycombe, celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday 29 June. 

Activities Coordinator, Alex Vasile, organised a time capsule to celebrate Elizabeth. Inside the time capsule were Elizabeth’s best memories from the past 100 years and pictures of her family.

Elizabeth’s family put together a video to say happy birthday. Elizabeth loved it and was telling Alex all about her family as the video played. She also received a special telegram from the Queen wishing her a very happy 100th birthday.

In the afternoon, Elizabeth was treated to afternoon tea and some prosecco. She was delighted when her family surprised her with a socially distanced visit. This was the first time they were able to reunite since the lockdown in March.  In the evening, Head Chef Darren and the in-house dining team prepared Elizabeth’s favourite meal, salmon with steamed vegetables.

In the time capsule, Elizabeth’s detailed living through the second world war. She said:

“I was driving wounded soldiers and people wounded by the raids to the hospitals. I remember the Dunkirk episode; there the boats were coming into the port with wounded soldiers. I was working during the night, driving soldiers to the nearest hospital.”

Elizabeth also recalls her fond memories travelling to all corners of the world. Her favourite destinations have been Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Cairo. She added:

“I have climbed the pyramids and I have also ridden a camel. Although I am not very happy about this experience as the camel had an awful smell.

“My other favourite hobbies were riding horses, one time I even rode my daughter’s pony. In terms of interests, I have always had a huge love for Opera and classical music. Sometimes I prefer listening to Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra playlists. Moreover, I consider myself a big fan of the arts.”

Elizabeth cherishes her fondest memories made with her family. Especially the ones around Christmas time, when she was surrounded by family, having dinner and listening to Christmas carols. Elizabeth concluded:

“I consider that during my 100 years of life I had the pleasure to be surrounded by lovely people that have been beside me, throughout all these beautiful memories in good and bad, and I will always thank them for being part of my life.”


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