Sunrise of Solihull residents celebrates 100 years young under lockdown


Ron Catton has been a resident at Sunrise of Solihull for eight years. On 22nd May, he turned 100.

Despite the circumstances, the team at Sunrise of Solihull were determined to ensure Ron had a great day celebrating this milestone. Ron spent the afternoon listening to his favourite songs in the garden, as he enjoyed lots of birthday cake shared with his friends at Sunrise. He also received gifts and a champagne toast.

Before moving to Sunrise of Solihull, Ron worked in the printing industry. He was also a beekeeper and spent seven years in the armed forces, serving in the Cavalry in World War 2. Ron used to enjoy horse-riding and loved playing badminton. He has just finished writing his own autobiography.
Ron has a wonderful family, a son, daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He says the secret to living to 100 is being well looked after all his life.

Jo Hopkins, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Solihull, said:
“We were determined to make Ron’s 100th birthday special. We ensured he was able to speak to his family via video call so they could join in with the celebrations. We know that Ron had a lovely day, thank you to the whole team for making it so wonderful.”


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