Residents at Fleet care home work with Creative Minds and Tate Exchange


Residents in the dedicated Memory Care Neighbourhood at Sunrise of Fleet have created individual, personalised postcards as part of a project with Creative Minds.

Creative Minds is a social enterprise consisting of a nationwide community of artists who deliver fun, therapeutic, and engaging art sessions to people of all ages. Sunrise of Fleet were invited to take part by Sarah Fenner, who has been delivering therapy sessions in Fleet for the past few years.

The project Sunrise of Fleet residents took part in was named ‘Filtered Reality’. The theme of Filtered Reality is to explore people’s feelings and emotions about social distancing. Creative Minds are working alongside the Tate Exchange, and the project will be featured in a Tate Exhibition at the Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange.

Lucy Jesse, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Fleet, said:

“From a personal point of view, and my experience having done art classes with residents, art is such a free and equal activity. There is no right or wrong, and it is a particularly therapeutic for those that maybe struggle to express feelings or emotions with words. A brush to paper can be more beneficial and can really give that individual power to express themselves.

“I often see our residents so engaged when they are creating art, so it is clearly relaxing but also stimulating too. It is lovely to see their sense of achievement from completing artwork, and the sense of purpose they get.

“This is an exciting opportunity not just for residents to take part, but hopefully visit the exhibition once we are able to.”


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