Extra sweet trip down memory lane for Arbroath residents


During these extraordinary times, a care home in Arbroath has not let the challenges we are all facing stop them from providing an extra sweet trip down memory lane for residents.

The team at Balhousie Antiquary care home have officially opened a sweetie shop filled to the brim with candies, chocolates and sherbets for sweet-toothed residents (and staff!) to enjoy.

Fitted with a vintage till and telephone, the space has been aptly named the ‘Old Fashioned Sweet Shop’ and is stocked with sugary treats specifically requested by the residents, from chocolate limes and sherbet lemons to boiled humbugs and liquorice comfits. By offering their favourite sweets, it is hoped the shop will conjure happy memories for residents of times gone by.

The nostalgic project has been creatively overseen by new home manager, Cheryl Roy, who saw the potential to do something special with what used to be a library area in the home.



Cheryl said: “This has been a really exciting project for all the staff and residents watching the transformation of this space in the home that hasn’t been utilised for some time. Our residents and relatives gave us a shopping list of all their favourite sweeties before we stocked up the shop and it was lovely to have their input as this is very much their sweetie shop. The shop will be open 3 days a week and I am sure it will be a great activity. We will also be having some of our residents helping out on the days the shop is open.”

For more information about Balhousie Care Group visit www.balhousiecare.co.uk


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