‘Morris Minors’ are getting into gear at Didsbury care village


[L-R] Margaret Grunfeld, Beth Saffer and Saffy Mathews.
There’s not a vintage car in sight but other ‘Morris Minors’ are getting into gear at Didsbury care village, Belong Morris Feinmann, where residents are rolling back the years through fortnightly play sessions with young children and their mums and dads.


Recognising the positive impact of intergenerational activities on the lives of older people, Belong Morris Feinmann launched the initiative at the end of last year, encouraging the group to play, talk and sing together. In line with Age UK findings, they have so far proven very popular at the village, enhancing the wellbeing and emotional and cognitive function of the residents involved.


Speaking of the sessions, 89-year-old resident, Margaret Grunfeld, said: “I very much look forward to spending time with the children. It is something that I have missed as I’ve got older, so it is wonderful to have the chance to do this again. The group brings much joy to everyone involved.”


And it’s become clear that the club is enjoyed by people of all ages, with Beth Saffer, who attends Morris Minors with her 10-month old daughter, Saffy, adding: “We love being part of such a group and it’s truly lovely to see the babies and residents getting along so well. The sessions are always full of laughter, happiness and learning, as we all get to know one another. I would encourage any parents with small children in the area to join!”


The next Morris Minors session takes place at 11 am on Friday 13th March, continuing at the same time every fortnight.  If you would like to attend, please contact Belong Morris Feinmann on 0161 804 4200 to book your place.


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