A picture paints a thousand words at Rogers House


Activity staff at Rogers House Residential Care Home have introduced a new artistic and inspiring activity, designed to benefit residents living with dementia.

This week creative residents at the Drewery Drive residential care home tried their hand at AquaPaint. Their canvases started off white, with a clear black outline of the image to help guide them. As they brushed water on to the canvas, a beautiful image was revealed giving the individual that wonderful feeling of painting. Once dry, the canvases returned to white, so the residents can paint again and again.

Art is proven to trigger vivid memories and emotions, as well as starting inspiring conversations among people living with dementia who may normally struggle to express themselves.

The residents had a lovely morning painting their pictures, which ranged from fruit bowls to cars and dogs, and they were thrilled with the result, a beautiful watercolour painting.

Jackie Miles, General Manager of Rogers House said: “The AquaPaint products were a real hit with the residents, it was such a therapeutic activity and the finished results were really stunning, they’re all looking forward to trying some different pictures.”


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