Canterbury residents paint poppies for Armistice Day


Honouring Remembrance Day at their regular craft club, residents of Connors House Residential Care Home in Canterbury got together to paint some poppies.

Using an array of tools from paints to tissue paper, residents of the Craddock Road residential care home made some poppies to decorate the home for Armistice Day.

With the home decorated and their poppies proudly on display, the residents gathered together to watch the Cenotaph Remembrance Sunday Service on the television.

Christine Devlin, Home Manager of Connors House said: “Remembrance Day is a very important time for our residents. Growing up during the war, many of them served and those that didn’t had loves ones who did.

“It was a difficult time for everyone, and we all appreciate that we are able to commemorate and honour those who we fought and of course, those who did not come home.”


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