Building dementia pathways through collaboration


Moving into a residential care home can happen for many reasons. But usually it happens when things become critical, when an individual no longer has the capacity to live on their own or with a loved one.

Like many residents the early onset of dementia is one of the main reasons. But it doesn’t have to be a scary prospect when you have trained and qualified professionals available 24/7 to help you manage the disease and support you to live life to the full.

Lillian is a new resident and very much part of the Edenvale Lodge family now. Through no fault of her own she broke her hip, which resulted in an admission to hospital. During her visit she was also assessed as having dementia. Living on her own was a concern to social services that felt she would be safer and receive the right care and attention by moving into Edendale Lodge.

Lillian knows the care home very well as this is where son lives. Having learning difficulties her son has been living at Edendale Lodge for many years receiving the care and attention Lillian herself was unable to provide into her old age.

Theresa Toal, registered manager at Edendale Lodge says: “Working closely with Lillian’s family and social services we were able to welcome Lillian into our home. We feel very privileged to have Lillian here with us and are really happy to see her and her son enjoy their time together whilst we do our bit supporting and caring for them both.”


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