Oxfordshire care home welcomes local MP to unveiling of eco-garden


On Friday, 6th September, an Oxfordshire care home welcomed local MP, Robert Courts, and Chair of the Board of Trustees of Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, Barbara Muston as they celebrated the unveiling of their new eco-garden.


The garden, designed to attract more wildlife for nature loving residents, has meadow and prairie areas that feature paths leading to birdboxes, hedgehog homes and a variety of plants and flowers. The garden has been specifically designed to ensure it is accessible to residents, encouraging them to spend more time in the garden.


To celebrate, Churchfields held a garden party where guests enjoyed tours of the garden, along with a special cake. The two VIPs spent time exploring the new garden as well as chatting to residents about the benefits of the newly designed space.


On the garden, MP Robert Courts expressed; “I’m absolutely delighted to come to Churchfields to celebrate this wonderful wildlife they have here. Just looking around today and you can see the wonderful job Jane and the team have done.


“Primarily it provides a wonderful area for the residents, everything that is done here is for the care of the people who live here. It will give a wonderful area for people to relax and get closer to nature.”


On the day, Barbara Muston, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust commented: “People who have spaces like this, spaces that haven’t been doing anything for nature at all, can be turned into a wonderful habitat. We’ve been hearing from Jane about how the animals, the birds and the insects are all returning to this space which had nothing four months ago, so it’s fantastic.”


And the work won’t stop there. Further additions will include an allotment area and summerhouse and the care home will continue to work with the Wildlife Trust to improve and expand the garden.


Jane Roberts, Churchfields Care Home owner, commented: “It was lovely to welcome the MP and local Wildlife Trust as we celebrated the new garden. With the project taking considerable amounts of thought and planning, it’s been fantastic to hear such positive feedback from both Robert and Barbara.


“Our residents are already making the most of the garden, taking regular visits to the garden to view the birds and insects which have been slowly arriving in the new space.”


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