Rosebank residents’ dreams and wishes granted in a plan to spread happiness


A specialist dementia care home in Oxfordshire has created a wellbeing plan to entertain residents and make their dreams and wishes come to reality.

Rosebank Care Home has put into action the concept of a Wish List Wednesday, giving residents an opportunity to express their desires to provide more fulfilled lives. By granting residents’ wishes, Rosebank hopes to provide them with a sense of fulfilment as well as making their dreams come true.

The Bampton-based care home’s latest experience took place recently, when residents wished they could go swimming for a day. As part of the Wish List Wednesday plan, two residents were taken to Lincoln Farm Park, in Standlake, to enjoy a day taking part in both water therapy and swimming sessions.

Other wishes granted by Rosebank include the hatching of chicks, requested by excited residents who wished they could have little chicks around the home, and a horse and carriage ride around Bampton village, a request made by a keen horse rider who wished she could visit and see horses more often.

Mandie Acock and Gemma Foster, lifestyle support coordinators at Rosebank, commented: “The Wish List Wednesday is a chance for us to provide residents with an opportunity to ask for something that makes them feel excited and happy. It’s greatly beneficial for their overall mental wellbeing as it also gives them something to look forward to.”

Rosebank They also said: “Our latest experience granting residents’ wishes was absolutely wonderful. We spent the day in the swimming pool and had a lovely meal afterward at the care home.”

Rosebank care home owner, Jane Roberts, added: “We are delighted that we were able to give our residents such an incredible experience and we are all looking forward to residents’ next wishes. We are constantly looking for new ways to spread happiness and the Wish List Wednesday seems to be an amazing way to do so!”

Rosebank Care Home provides short and long-term care for elderly ladies and gentlemen and has an Outstanding CQC Rating. Lifestyle Support Coordinators are central to daily life at the home and work closely with residents to develop a varied and interactive programme of activities and events each and every day.


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