Canterbury Care Home Residents Walk on Wild Side

Alan Heckley & Carmen Jones

Residents of Connors House Residential Care Home enjoyed a summer day out monkeying around, when they visited Wingham Wildlife Park this week.

Accompanied by staff, residents of the Canterbury care home made the most of the long summer days and had a trunk full of fun visiting the animals at the nearby wildlife park.

Enjoying the sun, the residents enjoyed meeting all of the animals at the park but in particular, the friendly lemurs, of whom they enjoyed a rather close up encounter with, as they made themselves quite at home on their laps and shoulders!

After their morning strolling the park, the residents put their feet up and enjoyed a coffee break and lunch, before heading back home to tell everyone about their day.

Mervyn, Hazel, Alan, Carmen and Rosie

Rosie Higham, Activity Coordinator at Connors House said: “Some of our residents had expressed an interest in visiting a zoo or wildlife park, so we decided to arrange an outing for them.

“Everyone had a great time, some of the residents hadn’t been to a zoo for many years so it was great for them to be able to experience it again. They haven’t stopped talking about it!


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