Shropshire care provider appoints specialist Admiral Nurse for dementia support


A private care provider based in Shropshire has become one of the first in its area to appoint a specialist Admiral Nurse to support people living with dementia.

Julie Rogers has been appointed in partnership with Dementia UK to give expert practical, clinical and emotional support across Morris Care’s six Nursing homes in Shropshire and Cheshire. She will support residents and their families, help develop dementia care strategy and boost the skills and confidence of staff working in this sensitive area.

Julie has joined the business from Shropshire Community Health Trust and has 25 years’ nursing experience in the NHS, both in Shropshire and the Channel Islands. She said: “Specialist dementia nurses can make a significant difference to people living with dementia and those who love and care for them. Being an Admiral Nurse is a rewarding job and one I’m looking forward to developing my career with Morris Care.”

The wide-ranging role will involve supporting people with complex needs, supporting families, coaching and training nursing home staff, enhancing key relationships between the Homes and healthcare professionals and generally promoting a positive culture within the Nursing Homes.

Morris Care’s Chief Operating Officer Sue Austin said: “We are committed to providing sensitive, quality care to enable people to live the best life possible. For some time now we have been developing specialist services for people living with dementia. I am delighted to welcome Julie because I know how much Admiral Nurses are valued.

“It is a first for a private provider in Shropshire. It underlines our person-centred approach to care and to recruiting people who share our values and high standards.”

There are 271 Admiral Nurses in the UK, most work in the community for the NHS and others in nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. They receive ongoing training, development and support from the charity Dementia UK.

Shrewsbury-based Morris Care operates six homes and employs over 500 nurses, carers and support staff in Shropshire and Cheshire.

It has been delivering outstanding care for nearly 30 years. Its Cedar Philosophy approach focusses on personal wellbeing as well as clinical nursing requirements, aiming to reduce anxiety and stress. It can lead to real therapeutic benefits with innovative, creative ideas tailored to an individual’s needs, medical background and life story.

Morris Care is part of Morris & Company, a fifth-generation, family-run business celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019.


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