It’s a plunderful life at Wellington care home!


It was all shiver-me-timbers and avast, me hearties! at pirate and sailor-themed ‘gang show’ at Camelot House Care and Lodge nursing home in Wellington.

The show, which included songs and music with a nautical theme, was performed by the care homesactivities’ team in front of an audience of delighted residents.
“We’re big on audience participation here,” said activities team’s Richard Dempslake, “and the show certainly didn’t disappoint.

“It was great to hear everyone joining in with all the songs. The look on their faces was a picture. There was a great atmosphere and lots of smiles and laughing.”

The show is part of an on-going project by the activities’ team which involves residents making the props and backdrop for the show.

“Music and singing are believed to activate specific areas of the brain and act as a cue for autobiographical memories,” added Richard.
“It also seems to put everyone in a nice relaxed mood.”


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