Teesside Hospice and Dementia UK join forces to launch new Admiral Nurse Service

From left to right: Sharron Tolman – Consultant Admiral Nurse, Dementia UK, Jean Wooldridge – Admiral Nurse, Teesside Hospice, David Smith – Chief Executive, Teesside Hospice.

Teesside Hospice and Dementia UK have joined forces to develop a new Admiral Nurse Service which has been enabled through a generous donation from Venator. Admiral Nurse, Jean Wooldridge, is already having a positive impact within the hospice and in the local community.

Admiral Nurses provide specialist support to people with dementia and their carers and families, giving the one-to-one support, practical advice and expert guidance that helps people face dementia with more confidence and less fear.

With 1,581 people in Middlesbrough and 2,038 people in Redcar and Cleveland now living with dementia,* Teesside Hospice acknowledges the importance of providing a local needs led service so that as many people as possible across Teesside are able to benefit from specialist dementia care and support.

Having recognised that dementia support would be a priority for Teesside Hospice, the Admiral Nurse Service was developed to reach out to people with dementia who are approaching end of life. Jean’s role will also see her supporting best practice in dementia care at Teesside Hospice as well as strengthening local families’ care pathways following a change in circumstances.

By appointing Jean Wooldridge as a dedicated specialist dementia Admiral Nurse, Teesside Hospice can provide holistic, relationship-centred care to people living with dementia and to their families and carers. Jean’s role as an Admiral Nurse means that she receives support from Dementia UK and regularly networks with other Admiral Nurses to share information and ideas. The hospice is also able to offer dementia education and is keen to further develop its needs led service, with the valuable support of Dementia UK, so that more people across Teesside can access personalised care, advice and support to meet their needs as individuals.

Jean Wooldridge, Teesside Hospice Admiral Nurse, explained, “The launch of Teesside Hospice’s Admiral Nurse Service is important, to highlight the specialist service that we can now provide to people living with dementia and to explain the many ways through which we can educate and offer support; whether that’s to families and carers or to other professionals across Teesside.”

“The role combines two of my greatest passions: dementia care and end of life care. It involves helping families to stay connected, supporting them through the difficult times and allowing them to still find ‘moments of joy.’ These moments stay with families and can help to ease the sadness when someone dies – and I can continue to be there to support them in their bereavement.”

Dr Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse and Chief Executive Officer for Dementia UK, commented: “End of life care in cases of dementia can take a huge toll on families psychologically, emotionally and financially. This new service with Teesside Hospice will be essential in providing support for families in need. Healthcare professionals will also be able to access Jean’s expertise, paving the way for best practice in dementia care.

“We are honoured to have Jean as an Admiral Nurse and we look forward to hearing about the impact she will have in the region.”


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