Teenage volunteers & care home residents create career event day


Boulters Lock Care Home in Maidenhead welcomed a group of eight teenage volunteers for a new project to interact and learn about careers.

A partnership between Boulters Lock and social integration charity The Challenge, organised the teens to visit, meet and talk to the elderly residents, as part of their time with the NCS (National Citizen Service) programme for 15-17 year olds. Run in Maidenhead by The Challenge on behalf of NCS Trust, the programme is designed to develop young people’s confidence and skills in understanding, trusting and connecting with other people and their communities. g

The visits to Boulters Lock aimed to create common ground and stimulate interest in previous careers for the residents and future aspirations for the teenagers. The stimulating project took place on three separate visits in October and November that ended with an exciting ‘Volunteer Event Day’.

Seva Hashimova is the Registered Manager of Boulters Lock: our residents love to meet and talk to the teenage volunteers because they bring fun and allow the residents to learn new information. Our residents really enjoy sharing their stories and ideas with the visitors which is great for interaction and communication skills. I understand that the teenagers do not have the chance to normally visit care homes, so this programme is valuable to bring both generations together in a unique way and we really value the time they spend with us.

The first visit allowed the teen volunteers to become acquainted with the Care Home environment and meet the residents and staff members to help brainstorm ideas.

During visit two, the volunteers shared their ideas with the residents and staff to receive feedback, gather additional information for research and interview residents about their past careers.
The residents have memories of their previous professions and careers – for example; a School Teacher, Assistant Pharmacist in Devon, Typist, and the Head of German languages at a School and working at Lloyds Bank in London with dealers.
Betty Cokerill was a Pharmaceutical Librarian who remembers her administration duties and talks fondly about different medicines and her former work colleagues.

The final visit is called ‘Volunteer Event Day’ to allow the teenagers to deliver their planned activities. The day of feelgood fun included a special ‘Guess Who’ game tailored to the residents at Boulters lock using information about their lives. Entertainment included karaoke, makeovers and pamper sessions with manicures and hair styling to provide a social get-together.
Music also provided entertainment as a storytelling device with a ‘now and then’ theme to stimulate conversations, asking, “what music did you listen to when you were our age compared to songs we hear nowadays”.

Edward Hulme, Assistant Programme Manager at The Challenge said: “
“Boutlers Lock was very welcoming, and we’re glad that the visits were memorable for both the young people and the residents. I even heard a resident saying that it made them truly happy that the young people had taken time out of their day to talk them.

“The Challenge strives to create a more integrated society, and by helping these young people to gain a greater understanding and empathy for a different generation, I believe their visits to Boutlers Lock will have a long-lasting effect on the local community.”

Hartford Care is a family-owned business, and we firmly believe that each and every one of our residents has an absolute right to choose the way they live their lives.
We firmly believe our excellent reputation within the care industry has been achieved by remaining constant to our core values of care, comfort and companionship.


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