Social care Green Paper ‘ditched’ to free up resources for a no-deal brexit

Sheridan Smith is Jenny, a mother of two raising her girls alone after the departure of her husband. Her one lifeline is Mary (Steadman), Jenny’s widowed mother, whose help with childcare allows Jenny to hold down her full-time job at the supermarket. When Mary suffers a devastating stroke and develops dementia, their world comes crashing down and everything changes for Mary, Jenny and her sister Claire (Sinead Keenan).
Finding herself torn between her own life and the wellbeing of her mother, Jenny soon discovers that another way could be possible – but she’ll have to fight for it.

In response to today’s reports that the social care Green Paper may have been ‘ditched’ to free resources for no-deal Brexit planning:
Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, commented: “For more than a year now people affected by dementia have watched in frustration and anger as the social care Green Paper is delayed again and again. Now, the all-consuming focus on Brexit risks ignoring the UK’s crisis in dementia care indefinitely. It is unacceptable to leave 850,000 people with dementia, and their families, any longer to battle with hard to access, expensive, and often poor quality care.

“The human cost of these delays is grave. People with dementia are stuck unnecessarily in hospital because of lack of care in the community, rushed to A&E with avoidable emergencies resulting from poor care, sent home from hospital in the middle of the night to reduce delayed discharges, and forced to sell their possessions to pay for the catastrophic costs of social care.
“It shouldn’t and needn’t be like this. There will be 1 million people living with the condition by 2021 – they can’t continue to fight both the system and the disease. Government attention and dedication must see health and social care reforms through, and finally deliver – bold action is needed, and needed now.”


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