Music can unlock the person trapped inside the care home ‘patient’- Donate today


Care England, a representative body for independent providers of adult social care, is working in partnership with Music & Memory to enhance the quality of life for people with dementia through personalised music.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England says:
“The positive power of music for people with dementia cannot be underestimated. People’s favourite music often helps unlock memories that often get forgotten and it is also hugely important to stem isolation. I am delighted that some members of Care England, in particular those in the Outstanding Society, are using the Music & Memory programme and are now reaping the benefits”.

Music & Memory has been very successful in the USA, with their programme reaching 85,000 people, present in every US state and growing year on year – they are now starting work in the UK. To reduce the cost of the programme to care homes, they are Crowdfunding the money to pay for the essential equipment (including MP3 players, headphones, iTunes vouchers). To find out more about this innovative crowdfunding project please visit

Simon Warner-Bore, Chief Executive of Music & Memory, says:
“When you listen to your favourite music your brain lights up like a firework display – the music connects you to emotions, memories – they are the ‘soundtrack of your life’. This is true for people living with dementia and remains true during the stages of dementia. Personalised playlists offer a simple way for carers to help people manage the effects of dementia, to feel like themselves again, to connect, socialise and stay present. It is one of the most ‘personalised’ forms of care, used by care homes such as the Outstanding Society, that recognise how vital personalised care is for people living with dementia. With the help of Music & Memory’s structured programme music can be integrated and improve daily care processes”.


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