Couple celebrate golden wedding anniversary at Christchurch care home


A devoted couple were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in a special way thanks to Fairmile Grange care home in Christchurch.
John who is a resident of Fairmile Grange, married his wife Angela in 1968 and they have been together ever since.

To mark this special occasion, a celebration was held which started with the couple going to the Captains Club Hotel with friends and family for lunch. This was then followed by a group of John and Angela’s loved ones visiting Fairmile Grange, to enjoy afternoon tea and a slice of golden wedding cake, which the catering team had specially prepared. Staff of the care home also decorated the lounge with balloons and banners and a local singer was invited to provide entertainment for the evening.

Kim Butters, wellbeing manager of Fairmile Grange, said: “It was lovely to be a part of John and Angela’s anniversary. An occasion like this is so important to celebrate, so it was a privilege being able to help make the day extra special.

“One of the highlights of the day was when John stood up to give Angela a celebratory hug. This was such a wonderful moment because for the last few years John has been unable to stand. However John has been working closely with his physiotherapist to ensure he could stand to hug his wife on such an important anniversary.

“It is essential our residents continue to live their lives to the full and their partners, family and friends are always welcome to celebrate events like this together. One of the core values of Fairmile Grange is that we continue to provide a positive and supportive environment for all residents and their guests to enjoy.”


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