Cheshire seniors treated to festive mince pies!


Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow has delivered almost 100 mince pies and Christmas cards to local elderly people and their carers to help tackle the growing issue of loneliness and social isolation.

Across Cheshire, there are over 9,000 people who are currently affected by loneliness with the majority being over 65. Research shows that many older people feel lonelier at Christmas time and nearly one million people aged over 65 in the UK don’t see or hear from anyone over the festive period with many relying on the TV for companionship.

Sarah Vickers, Community & HR Coordinator at Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow, said:

“In my role as ‘Christmas Elf’ it has been a delight to visit our clients and staff across Cheshire this Christmas season. I have been lucky enough to listen to many different Christmas traditions from the 1930’s through to now with one of our clients reminding me that I must always make a wish before eating my first mince pie of the season!”

“Reaching out to older people over the festive period can make a real difference and is something we can all do. Take the time to talk or give someone a call, ring the doorbell and hand a Christmas card to your elderly neighbour, offer to help with shopping or even better, invite them in to join you for Christmas dinner!”


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