Borough Care goes Totally Local


Borough Care, the largest not for profit provider of care for older people in Stockport, is linking up with the Totally Local Company.

The partnership will see staff from the Totally Local Company volunteering to send Christmas cards to Borough Care residents. Based in Stockport, the Totally Local Company provides facilities management services to public and private sector businesses.

Explaining the project, Sophie Gardiner, Area Manager at Borough Care, says: “Some of the people who live in our homes sadly do not have visitors and our staff become their only family. Through the initiative with the Totally Local Company, we are hoping to build friendships so our residents become emotionally integrated within the community. Starting with something as simple as sending a Christmas card will have a great impact on our residents who don’t normally receive any, or many, cards. Our residents will have the opportunity to write back and become pen pals. We hope it might, in some cases, lead to a visit and subsequent friendship, which will further enrich a person’s life.”


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