Tots teach residents at care centre the Baby Shark song during World Nursery Rhyme Week


Little ones teach residents from Apthorp Care Centre the Baby Shark song during World Nursery Rhyme Week


Residents from Apthorp Care Centre in New Southgate paid a special visit to Little Leo’s Nursery to compare classic ditties with contemporary songs during World Nursery Rhyme Week.


The global awareness week, taking place from today (19th November), is an opportunity to mark the importance of nursery rhymes within our culture and recognise their value in education and social interaction.


The children educated residents on the latest viral sensation sweeping nurseries and pre-schools across the UK – the Baby Shark song. The internet phenomenon was created by Korean educational YouTube channel, Pinkfong, and follows the exploits of a shark family, complete with actions and repetitive lyrics.


The modern day rhyme has had more than 1.6bn views and is reported to be one of the Top 40 most viewed videos on YouTube.


The children and older people came together to sing and act out the rhyme, as well as enjoying classics such as The Grand Old Duke of York and If You’re Happy and You Know It, which have been passed down the generations.


The relationship developed between Apthorp Care Centre, run by The Fremantle Trust, and Little Leo’s is a rewarding and mutually beneficial way of connecting young and old, through meaningful interaction, storytelling and song. Singing nursery rhymes is also a great way of enabling those living with dementia to reminisce and connect with positive memories.


Fiona Swynnerton, leisure and lifestyle manager at The Fremantle Trust, said: “We had a fabulous time with the little ones celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week – it was lots of fun comparing the old with the new.

“Meeting with the children is always a lovely experience. They are so kind, thoughtful and inquisitive. These intergenerational sessions always bring lots of smiles all round.”



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