Hampshire care home works with services to provide free support for those dealing with cancer


Abbotswood Court & Jane Scarth House working together to provide free support for those dealing with a Cancer diagnosis

Romsey Cancer Support Centre, Jane Scarth House and care home, Abbotswood Court, have been working together to provide cancer patients access to free Macmillan HOPE Courses.

Jane Scarth House, a local cancer support centre, based in Romsey, has been working with Abbotswood Court Care Home which has made it possible to provide regular Macmillan HOPE Courses and help people who have been affected by cancer to move on with their lives.

The 2-day Helping Overcome Problems Effectively (HOPE) course is a licensed programme developed by Coventry University and Macmillan Cancer Support which helps people in coping emotionally, psychologically and practically with the effects of cancer. Abbotswood Court Care Home has been aiding Jane Scarth House in the delivery of these courses by providing its state-of-the-art facilities, as well as refreshments, free of charge so that the charity’s trained HOPE facilitators can deliver the course to those who live within reach of Romsey.

Anne Campbell, Jane Scarth House Centre Manager, said:

“Having the backing of Abbotswood Court is an absolute blessing. Their generous support has significantly reduced the cost to the charity of providing these courses. These funds can therefore be used to provide free emotional and practical aid to anyone whose life is affected by cancer. Abbotswood Court’s convenient location and parking facilities make it an ideal location from which to deliver these courses.”

Abbotswood Court has been aiding Jane Scarth house in the delivery of the HOPE courses for almost three years. The next HOPE Carers’ course is set for the 19th November 2018 and will take place between 10 am to 1 pm. The care home has also supported fundraising for Jane Scarth House on a number of occasions as well as raising awareness of the charity through their community events.

Gemma Ridout-Bowden, General Manager at Abbotswood Court Care Home, said:

“We are pleased to support Jane Scarth House in the delivery of these invaluable courses. Many of our staff, residents, and their families have been affected by cancer in some way so if our facilities can benefit others impacted by cancer we will do all we can to help them.”


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