Christchurch care home residents enjoy a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’!


Residents of Fairmile Grange in Christchurch recently took a trip out to Christchurch Quay, as part of the care homes ‘Breath of Fresh Care’ initiative.

Earlier in the year Encore Care Homes, which manages Fairmile Grange and Great Oaks in Bournemouth, pledged that all residents would be offered the opportunity to spend one hour outdoors every week.

Following this, some of Fairmile Grange’s residents and care team travelled to Christchurch Quay, where they walked along the river to observe the wildlife and boats. At the end of the walk residents then enjoyed their choice of hot drink, which was served alongside a selection of Danish pastries in The Boathouse Café.

Recent studies show that the human brain uses 20 per cent of the body’s oxygen supply, which is why it is essential people get enough fresh air. Spending time outdoors also has many other health benefits including improving concentration levels, boosting the immune system, encouraging exercise and increasing Vitamin D levels.

Mary Maughan-Otten, home manager of Fairmile Grange, said: “Our residents thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Christchurch Quay. Residents always love a summer day out, where they can relax and enjoy their surroundings.

“On average residents in UK care homes spend just 90 seconds a week outdoors. This is why it was so important for us to create this initiative, which promotes a healthier and happier lifestyle for our residents.

“It is one of our main priorities at Fairmile Grange, to continue to honour our ‘Breath of Fresh Care’ initiative and we look forward to announcing more trips we have planned very soon”.


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