Exeter nursery tots enjoy fun and games with care home residents


The thwack of croquet mallets and the laughter of children was ringing out around the gardens at Green Tree Court as residents took on the youngsters from Chestnut Nursery for a game or two.


Head of Activities Merle Weiner commented: “We took advantage of the glorious weather and headed outside this week with the children. We decided it was the perfect time for some summertime fun and games, so set up a selection of ball games and a croquet pitch. Residents showed the children how to hold the mallets and explained the rules.”


At Green Tree Court we help ‘life carry on as normal’ for our residents after they move in. Many have been used to having small children around, and it can be quite a change if that is no longer the case. In this brilliant link-up with Exeter Early Years Partnership, we’ve been thrilled to welcome a group of children from nearby Chestnut Nursery every week since January. The visits have given our residents a renewed sense of purpose as well as bringing joy and laughter thanks to the humour and plain-speaking approach of the children.


And the benefits work both ways. Cathryn Boxall, who brings the group from Chestnut says the pre-schoolers have also enjoyed ”sharing experiences and have shared activities, songs and stories with residents. Their personal, social and emotional skills have improved as they learn empathy and compassion.”


“We’ve loved spending precious time with these children and watching them grow in confidence,’ added Merle. “Sadly our time with this group is nearly over, and we wish them lots of luck and fun when they start ‘big’ school. But we are thrilled to be continuing the partnership with Chestnut and look forward to meeting a whole new group of children in September.”


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