Glasgow Tenants Celebrate Royal Wedding with combined 183 years of age


To mark a combined age of 183 years, two Glaswegian tenants dressed up to the nines to celebrate their double-birthday on the day of the royal wedding.

William Glen, who turned 97, and Polly Macallum, who turned 86, called in their friends and family for a very British get together as they celebrated their birthdays with Kings and Queens themed festivities at Bield’s Carntyne Gardens.

In costume as the newlywed royal couple, the pair greeted guests who donned crowns and feather boas. Together, the party enjoyed a free bar, a buffet and sang old classics on karaoke.

William Glen, tenant at Bield’s Carntyne Gardens, said: “It was great to hear my friends sing along to some of the best music from our day – it really filled me with nostalgia.

“We had a great old laugh together – what a party it was!

“Even at our age, we still look forward to birthdays. The fun doesn’t get old, especially when you’re young at heart.”

William, who organised the party, is somewhat of a local celebrity after he became a media sensation when people were inspired by his passion for writing that saw him publish his first book about South American drug barons at age 96.

William added: “Watching the wedding ceremony was just lovely – it’s not often that the nation comes together for one big event.”

Carol Harvey, Development Manager at Carntyne Gardens, said: “William and Polly’s big birthdays saw yet another wonderful day at Carntyne Gardens.

“The tenants all get along so well so parties like this are a real joy.

“The lounge was bursting with people, union jacks and bunting – we certainly know how to put together a good event.

“William and Polly making the nation’s day of celebration their own really embodies Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ ethos.”

Bield is a leading provider of housing and  support for older people in Scotland. The charity provides a range of quality housing options that enrich and enhance lives across the country.  


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