Sunrise of Fleet Residents Celebrate 58th Wedding Anniversary


Two residents at Sunrise of Fleet, Des and Margaret Treadgold, have this month celebrated their very special 58th wedding anniversary.

To mark the milestone occasion, the chefs at the community prepared a dinner for them to enjoy, and the room was decorated with balloons and cards.

The couple have been living at Sunrise of Fleet since December 2016, where they have been able to continue to enjoy their much loved time together, and they enjoyed a special meal prepared.

Des and Margaret married on the 23rd April in 1960, after meeting through their mutual love for sailing on the Isle of Wright. The pair have shared many memories together over their 58 years, with their favourite memory being their holiday to the Seychelles after their retirement in 1987.

When Margaret turned 102 in February of this year, Des asked that the couple are taken to visit the seaside together and see the sea once again, a special trip which is currently being arranged by team members at the community.

In their 58 years together, their love and admiration for one another has not faded over time, and Des remains completely devoted to Margaret, with the pair remaining truly inseparable. They are often found outside, enjoying the beautiful garden at Sunrise of Fleet, and checking on their tomatoes and cabbages.

Des and Margaret believe that the key to a strong marriage is always keeping your promises, finding common ground, and sticking to your marriage vows.

Louise Smith, Assisted Living Coordinator at Sunrise of Fleet, said:

“Des and Margaret are such a special couple, and it has truly been an honour to join them in celebrating 58 wonderful years together. They are such an integral part of our community and we are so delighted that they both continue to live here together happily and pursuing their hobbies and interests together. Huge congratulations to the couple on reaching such an amazing milestone anniversary!”



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