Christchurch care home celebrates VE Day in style


Reside Care Home on Stour Road held a Victory tea and dance for their 19 residents on Tuesday 8th May. Ladies enjoyed a visit from the hairdresser, who spent the morning styling their hair in vintage 1940’s fashion.

Terri Smithers, Care home Manager said “The residents awoke to the sounds of Vera Lynne, staff in 1940’s attire and newspapers to read with VE Day as the headline. A visit from the Land Girls really brightened the resident’s day, they enjoyed singing and dancing along to war time classics.”

The residents were delighted to see a vintage 1938 Austin parked in the driveway, and some enjoyed a trip around Christchurch quay.

Terri continued “As the new manager I have spent so much time getting to know the residents and learning more about their interests. It is important to give the residents these opportunities to revisit their past and tailor activities to their own needs and individuality. We had a number of activities taking place to really get everyone involved.  All the staff went above and beyond to make the day extra special and looked fantastic in their costumes, I am so proud to be the manager of this home.”


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