Care manager leads fundraising for sister Dianne


Tina Willey, an Anchor Scheme Manager at Highfield Court in Rotherham and she and her colleagues have raised over £450 for a brilliant cause.


Her sister, Dianne Ford who is a nurse at nearby Rotherham Hospital was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had the cancer removed and started radiotherapy last week.


As Tina says:  ‘I wanted to do a fundraising event for cancer, and Dianne suggested the ‘breast screening ward’ at Rotherham Hospital as she had found the staff to be very supportive and is hugely thankful to them for their brilliant care. We had over 30 prizes, some donated by customers here at Highfield Court, shops and some by kind family and friends. We raised a massive £457, which myself and my assistant manager Jackie Dekanski presented to the Rotherham Hospital community charity last week.’


Dianne’s daughters, who are also both in the nursing  profession helped raised awareness with their friends who also contributed by purchasing raffle tickets.



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