Bampton care home hoping to re-ignite tradition of Maypole dancing


Residents at a local care home are hoping to bring old village traditions back to life by donating a Maypole to children at Bampton C.E. Primary School.


Rosebank residents delivered the gift after careful consideration over how to give something back to the schoolchildren for visiting the home four times a year and bringing so much joy. The idea of a Maypole sprung up after residents were reminiscing about traditions within the village, including Morris dancers and May Day


Mandie Acock and Gemma Foster, Lifestyle Support Co-ordinators at Rosebank, commented: “It was a lovely moment to see the young and old coming together once more, and has made our bond with the community even stronger.  We are so very lucky to be involved in so many local groups and this only enhances the lives of our residents.


“We look forward to being invited back to school to watch the children and staff learn this new skill of Maypole dancing, and hope that this might also lead to bringing back another tradition of The May Queen.


Maypole dancing traditionally takes place on May 1st and goes back centuries. During the festivities, villagers would dance around the pole, weaving through each other while wrapping the Maypole in ribbon and foliage.


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