Tuneless Choir give debut performance at St Annes care home


A local choir gave its debut performance at The Moorings Luxury Care Home in St Annes.


Residents from Lakeview’s Rest Homes came together at the Moorings to be entertained by the St Annes Tuneless Choir.


They were not disappointed. The choir, under the skilled conducting of Marilyn (Mel) Marshall and ably supported by her husband Steve, soon had everyone joining in with a medley of songs from such artists as Abba, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, John Denver, The Monkeys, Tom Jones and others.


Mel explained that she has been involved in music and brass bands for over 50 yrs, playing to championship level with the police band, and she now plays with the Thornton Cleveley’s Brass Band. She and her husband Steve started the Fylde Coast Tuneless Choir in September 2017. They loved it so much that in January they created another choir, St Annes Tuneless Choir.


She added, “Having our own choir is a dream come true. We have some lovely people from all walks of life and many, throughout their lives, have been told that they are not good enough to be in a choir. Well we can now prove them wrong!”


The Tuneless Choir encourages its members to “sing like no one is listening,” – and at The Moorings the choir did just that, singing with confidence to a wonderful audience who joined in the fun. The audience even had their own requests, for “My Old Man’s a Dustman” and, as a tribute to the recently passed away Ken Dodd, “Happiness.” The choir did their best – despite the fact that as a newly formed group they were not necessarily too sure of the words! Did it matter – not a jot! Both audience and the choir loved it.


Director Pete Wood said, “We have always strived to be involved with our local community, and when I heard about Tuneless Choir it seemed an ideal opportunity to support and encourage new local initiatives. Our residents had a great afternoon and instantly recognised the songs which brought back happy, and in some cases poignant, memories.”


Like her fellow residents, Margaret Hill thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon’s entertainment. She said, “I love being here at The Moorings, and they are so good at finding activities and entertainment for us all to enjoy. I have always adored choirs and was really looking forward to the Tuneless Choir’s first visit. They were excellent and with a very popular selection of songs. I used to be in the Sheffield Ladies Barbershop Choir – we sang in four part harmony and I was one of the lead singers. So this brought back such lovely memories.”


Ava Makepeace, Customer Relationship Manager, said, “Thank you to Steve, Mel and the wonderful Tuneless Choir for coming along to The Moorings and entertaining all our residents and staff – the smiles and joy on their faces were priceless. They all loved singing along to their favourite songs without feeling self-conscious of how they sounded – what an amazing idea .Can’t wait for the Tuneless Choir to return to the Moorings in the near future.”


Mel and Steve have donated any money raised to support four year old Erin who suffers from various illnesses which have caused skin problems and a loss of hair. Through the charity Little Princess Trust her parents were able to purchase a wig for her. However the wigs cost £500, so sponsorship will ensure that Erin can have a new wigs as she grows out of the old.


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