Residents living at a care home in Merseyside reveal evocative artwork


People living at a Care Home in Merseyside are delighted to reveal an evocative collection of artwork.

A corridor and lounge area at a Care Home in St Helens has recently been transformed with an area full of artwork that sparkles with life and colour. The Living Art Gallery at Stocks Hall St Helens Home has been developed to showcase a collection of beautiful and unique art pieces that have been lovingly created by people living at the Home.

The exhibition features eleven artworks that explore still life paintings using paint, pastels and collage. The exhibition currently shows the works from the very talented Kevin Richardson (60), Ann Black (71), Maureen Donegan (65), Brian Littlewood (73), Joan Fairclough (66), Paul Shepherd (44) and Paula Cowan (53).

Laura Coghlan-Adam, Activities Staff and in-house Artist is passionate about offering everyone an opportunity to reflect Individuality, experimentation and expression through contemporary art practices. Laura says “This is a wonderful celebration of inspiration and diversity through the art and craft sessions held at the Home, bringing an array of benefits to the people wishing to be involved. The sessions encourage everyone to socialise within a creative environment whilst discovering their own artistic freedom.  The concept of the new Living Art Gallery has inspired further discussion amongst people living at the Home – transforming an additional corridor with colourful mixed media art work, commencing in the next coming weeks.”

The Home’s mission is to unite people and inspire communication and understanding through the Arts.  The weekly art sessions are devised and delivered to enable participants to explore their creativity with the guidance of experienced artist, Laura, providing support as and when needed.

Laura says “Creative sessions not only gives people an outlet and a voice for their thoughts and ideas, it helps them to feel valued and is also incredibly therapeutic.  We are looking forward to hosting our very own Living Art Gallery opening show very soon.”




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