West Kent College beauty students pamper care home residents


Beauty students from West Kent College have been spending time at Barnes Lodge Residential Care Home, pampering the residents and improving their skills.


The local students have been gaining valuable work experience and putting their techniques to the test with residents of the Tudeley Lane residential care home, whom have very much enjoyed playing guinea pigs.


Residents relaxed in the home’s salon and therapy room, where they were treated to a variety of soothing treatments, including therapeutic facials, manicures and hand massages.


The students, who are currently undertaking their level three NVQ, have been visiting the residents regularly as part of their coursework and they have built up quite a rapport with one another during their time together.


Katie Samuels, social activities facilitator at Barnes Lodge said: “The residents have loved having the students come in and visit them. Of course, they have relished the lovely treatments, but they’ve enjoyed the company just as much.


“It really is excellent for younger people to mix with older people and spend time getting to know one another, the interaction can be hugely beneficial for all parties involved.”



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