Person Centred Care Is Key To Fulfilling Lives – CMG CEO works at service


Care Management Group’s Chief Executive, Peter Kinsey, spent some hands-on time over the holiday period at one of the organisations care services – highlighting what really is at the centre of high-quality care provision.


CMG supports individuals with particularly complex needs, including those with autistic spectrum conditions, mental health needs, and profound and multiple learning difficulties, across over 120 services. Through its commitment to ensuring that service users are given the opportunity to lead the most fulfilling and enriched lives as possible – tailoring care provision has been key.


As part of his time at the service, Peter highlighted three key factors which have led to the high standards of care that the organisation is so renowned for.


Engagement In The Everyday


Engaging individuals in everyday life is a simple yet impactful way to ensure that service users are participating in daily life and activities. Simple household activities such as spring cleaning, or weeding the garden, provide individuals in the service with a sense of responsibility, fulfilment and purpose. CMG champions the importance of Person Centred Active Support – with team members encouraging service users to do every day organised activities, from shopping and cleaning to cooking and menu planning. It’s all about doing tasks with people, rather than for people.


Organisation At The Heart


Another standout feature of providing high-quality care provision during his time at the service for Peter, was that organisation is central to running the service efficiently. It is important that there is effective shift planning process in place, which allocates staff time across the service and enables individuals to be supported to participate in activities and to utilise the opportunities available for them each day. 


Compassionate Care


It takes a particular kind of person to work in social care – compassionate, committed and well meaning. Recognising the hard work, dedication, and spirit of staff members across CMG, and valuing what they do, is essential. It ensures that staff members are working to the best of their ability, and are appreciated.  Similarly, to provide a high standard of care provision it is important to have high calibre of front line staff, who are experts in their field.


During his time at the service, Peter worked alongside the staff, whilst spending valuable time with the service users. 


Peter Kinsey, Chief Executive Officer, Care Management Group said:


“The high standard of care we provide across our services is something we are really proud of at CMG. I was grateful to have the opportunity to spend some hands-on time at one of our services, which highlighted even more so to me just what it takes to ensure we are delivering high quality care, which in turn gives individuals the opportunities to achieve their full potential and live happy and fulfilled lives.”



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