Caring is the best job in the world, says 79-year-old care worker

Michael Rose

Life does not stop when you retire, it simply takes a different course and for some that can lead to new and exciting experiences.

Having had a fulfilling career in the Merchant and Royal Navy and then latterly as an airline executive before retiring, Michael Rose, now 79, is not a man to sit about and watch life slide by.  Far from it. 

“I’m still very active and able bodied and wanted to be able to do something different, something worthwhile with my time and abilities, so I thought about working as a care worker,” said Michael. “I looked after my 94-year-old mother for a while which meant she could still live at home and I realised how important it was for people to have the choice to stay at home and be independent.”

Caring for his mother gave him a taste of the ‘caring role’ which he realised he really enjoyed.  So much so, that when he saw a recruitment advert for care workers in his local paper, he applied. 

That was over eight years ago and he shows no sign of retiring for the second time.

Michael continues: “It was the best thing I did; giving back something to society and helping people less fortunate than myself was really rewarding.  I felt I was making a positive difference to other peoples’ lives and supporting them to regain their confidence and independence at home.

“As a family man with six grandchildren I have lots in common with my clients and a wealth of life experience and memories to share with others.”

Working as a home carer brings you into contact with all sorts of people from different walks of life, a factor which Michael really enjoys.

“I have fond memories of the people I care for, some who are no longer here now.  Their lives are so interesting. 

“I used to visit a retired sea captain and having been in the Royal Navy myself we had a great rapport and would address each other as if we were still on-board ship.  When I arrived for his call, he would open the door and I would stand to attention, salute him and ask for permission to come aboard! 

“We had many chats about his service during the War too– it was brilliant and so interesting.”

His work keeps him pretty busy with care calls starting early in the morning, through to lunch time with the occasional evening visit.

“It’s hard work at times but I really enjoy what I do and I work with a fantastic team of people. I feel very fortunate to be able to do this job.  At the end of the day you have a feeling you have done something really worthwhile.”

And when he’s not working?  Well, relaxing with his feet up and a good book is what he looks forward to – and well deserved, by all accounts.


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