First book for 96-Year-Old Glaswegian

Bill Glen with Deputy Manager of Carntyne Gdns Carol Harvey

A 96-year-old Glaswegian has just published his first novel – which centres on a fight between South American drug barons.

William Glen, a tenant at Bield’s Carntyne Gardens retirement housing, developed a love of writing after retiring from work as a plumber and has spent months writing and planning his book titled ‘After the Panic’ which is now available on Kindle.

Mr Glen, who writes under the ghost name Glen Williams, tells a fictional story of a disagreement between South American drug barons that leads to a bomb being left on a busy cruise ship.

The ship’s passengers are all evacuated except three – none of whom know one another. The novel explores and follows the stories of the stranded passengers who are accidentally left behind.

Mr Glen said: “I discovered my love for writing after attending writing classes in my retirement. I worked as a plumber, so exploring my creative side isn’t something I ever had much of a chance to do.

 “In my classes, I would usual write short, creative pieces – never before have I written anything as big as this so it’s certainly a big achievement for me.

“It’s exciting to have my work available in public space. I’ve had great feedback so far.”

Once he had written the story, Mr Glen sent ‘After the Panic’ to an editor to be finalised, before it became available on Amazon’s Kindle.

The book can be bought for £2.50 online and has already been purchased by customers.

Keen to have a hard copy of his work as well, Mr Glen has had 100 copies of the book printed, which he is distributing amongst friends and family.

The 96-year-old was inspired to write the novel after reading a story in the newspaper about a bomb being left on a bus. The story prompted him to start thinking in depth about how the lives of the individuals in its proximity would be affected.

Carol Harvey, Deputy Manager at Carntyne Gardens, said: “The staff here all really enjoyed reading ‘After the Panic’ – it’s a fantastic story that illustrates Mr Glen’s bright mind. His adoration for his work really shines through the pages.  

“With his drive and energy Mr Glen truly embodies Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ ethos. It’s lovely to see that with his drive and energy he’s fulfilling new hobbies.”

High on his success, Mr Glen’s thirst to put pen to paper has only increased, and he has already finished writing his second book – an autobiographical work that tells of his time spent in Normandy, where he was wounded during the war.


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