Northfleet care home residents enjoy a nostalgic and memory boosting activity


Residents of Dene Holm Residential Care Home spent a morning painting and decorating their own memory boxes.


Residents of Dene Holm Residential Care Home began the wonderful journey of storing their memories by decorating and painting their own memory box. Residents were given a choice of what box they would like and were encouraged to decorate them using paints, coloured paper and stickers to make them individual to their own tastes.


Over the next few weeks residents will begin to fill the boxes with their personal memories, including items such as photos, keepsakes and any other memories they have.


Christina Hammond, activity coordinator at Dene Holm commented: “The residents were all very excited about making the memory boxes and were sharing ideas of what they were going to put inside. It helped the residents to think about what reminded them of the old days and a few stories were told along the way.


“Decorating them was very enjoyable and we had a great time making them personal to them. As we build up the memory boxes we will use them when we have reminiscence sessions, to talk about each other’s treasure and what they hold dear to them.


Reminiscence is a proven effective way for older people to boost their memory as well as improving their wellbeing.


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