Dementia Care Innovation Award goes to MacIntyre Dementia Project


The MacIntyre Dementia Project team is delighted to have won the Outstanding Dementia Care Innovation Award at the Dementia Care Awards, following a successful few days at UK Dementia Congress.

The award recognises the vital role of innovation in developing high quality services for people living with dementia; in particular, the MacIntyre Dementia Project was commended for its people-first approach.

The MacIntyre Dementia Project was born when MacIntyre was awarded a significant grant from the Department of Health’s Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund in February 2016. The grant is enabling MacIntyre to create a range of learning and multi-media information resources to improve the support and care for people with learning disabilities who have dementia or are at risk of developing dementia.



The three aims of the MacIntyre Dementia Project are to:

·       Help raise awareness of dementia among people with a learning disability, their families and professionals to better understand the condition and future care.

·       Help people with a learning disability receive a timely diagnosis of dementia.

·       Train professionals to provide better care for people with learning disability living with or at risk of dementia.

These aims are being achieved by:

·       Creating online and hard copies of resources that will increase knowledge and understanding of Learning Disability and Dementia, including Easy Read.

·       Providing learning opportunities for all staff, particularly support staff, to help them provide better care and support for people with a learning disability and dementia, or at risk of dementia.

·       Developing a portfolio of good practice to disseminate to other interested organisations


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