Christmas spirit comes early to Connors House Residential Care Home


Kitchen staff at Connors House Residential Care Home in Canterbury got into the spirit of Christmas by baking an array of festive delicacies, to raise money for the residents of the home.


Despite Christmas being six weeks away, Connors House Residential Care Home was feeling suitable festive on Tuesday, with the smell of festive fruit cakes filling the corridors.


Second chef, Nikki Uden had baked a variety of brilliant bakes, including Christmas cakes, yule logs, mince pies, fairy cakes and iced biscuits.


Residents, relatives and friends of the Craddock Road residential care home, were tempted to sample the tasty treats, whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and chatting about the upcoming festivities with one another.


Bev Furr, activity coordinator at Connors House commented: “Everyone had a lovely afternoon getting into the spirit of Christmas at our festive bake sale.


“I’d like to thank everyone who came along and bought a cake, as we managed to raise £72 for the amenities fund, which is absolutely excellent and will contribute to the residents’ upcoming activities.”



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