Shepperton care home residents prove you’re never too old for adventure


The residents of Shepperton-based care home Charlton Grange are enjoying an eventful few months, proving that you’re never too old for adventure.

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As part of a busy few months for fun and outdoor entertainment, the residents have been hosting pet therapy sessions, a village fete, a tea party and doing some gardening. At the village fete, the home was delighted to raise £200 to go towards extra treats for the residents.

Ina Perrott celebrated her 101st birthday in style, with a cake, balloons, and a feature in the Shepperton News. Ina and fellow resident Ena Ford took to the high seas of the River Thames on a local boat trip from the Runnymede Boathouse to Runnymede Pleasure Ground with two members of staff from the home.

One of the residents, Dennis Edy 80, is currently staying at Charlton Grange for rehabilitation. In his younger days, he used to swim the Thames, so as part of his care, the staff had the opportunity to take him to Sunbury Leisure Centre to get his feet wet, and impressed everyone by swimming four lengths. He was rewarded afterwards with coffee and cake at the Squires Tea Room.

Alison Hunt-Siwy, Manager at Charlton Grange, said: “Charlton Grange is having an exciting few months, with some great activities for the residents. The pet therapy sessions are a huge success, with residents and staff enjoying the attention from the animals and the mini horses enjoying the biscuits!

“The ongoing care of our residents is our highest priority, and ensuring that they are able to enjoy life. We are delighted to be able to offer our residents a range of enjoyable activities that are fun and stimulating at a time when extra care needs to be taken for their wellbeing.

“We are looking forward to spending more time gardening, fundraising, and welcoming the local community in the coming months.”


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