Potters Bar care home staff take resident to new depths!


At Cuffley Manor Care Home, the care staff help to make residents’ dreams come true.  A couple of residents have always enjoyed swimming and the staff at the care home thought that shouldn’t stop, just because they need extra care.  After a little investigation, they discovered the Barracuda Swimming Club at the Furzefield Centre in Potters Bar. 

At Cuffley Manor Care Home, the care staff help to make residents’ dreams come true. 

This is an extra special club specifically for people with disabilities, of any age and swimming ability. After enquiring, the club said they would be delighted to welcome the residents of Cuffley Manor. Like any responsible care provider, health and safety checks were made to insure that residents would not be at risk.

One of the homes residents, Joan Tweed, who is 95 years young, was very excited about this opportunity, and with her son’s blessing, Joan acquired a new swimming costume, in preparation of joining the club. 

On the first visit, Joan was very emotional, even tearful because she couldn’t believe she was swimming after so many years. Joan has been a keen swimmer since she was 5 years old and has all her original certificates in her room; right from the first 5 yards.  Joan hadn’t been swimming since her husband died 17 years ago, but she also hoped that one day she would swim again. Joan told us that she felt like she was “living a dream” and  now keeps her photographs close by and shows them to everyone to prove that she can still swim.

There are so many benefits in swimming for older people but this also enabled TLC Care to make the wishes of residents become a reality. 




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