Bridgwater care home grants Eric motorbike wish


Sydenham House staff have pulled out all the stops to grant another wish for one of the residents.  

•Somerset Care provides residential and nursing care for older people in 29 care homes in Somerset
Eric next to one of the bikes

Following Elsie’s wish of a Hawaiian day, Eric was the next resident to have his wish granted.

Eric is a motorbike lover and used to ride a Harley Davidson. Unfortunately, Eric had a stroke, which meant he was unable to ride his beloved bike. Despite this, Eric’s passion for motorbikes continues. When asked by staff at the Bridgwater care home what his wish was, his passion continued to shine through.

Staff at Sydenham House arranged for Hogg Trackers, a motorbike group to come and pay a visit to Eric and the other residents at the care home. Eric was over the moon, with the sounds of the motorbike engines bringing back many happy memories for him. Eric wasn’t the only person interested by the visit, other residents popped out to see the bikes, with another resident hopping on one of the bikes.


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