Care home residents transported to a reminiscent seaside setting


Surrounded by seagulls, blue skies and salty sea, residents of the Craddock Road residential care home were transported to a reminiscent seaside setting.

Courtesy of the Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company, residents of Connors House Residential Care Home were invited to join in with a seaside production. The Abbeyfield kent society-care industry news

Courtesy of the Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company, the residents were invited to get involved with an exciting production, which would take them back to their younger days, when summers were spent along the Kent coastline.


The actors had completely transformed the home’s activity centre into a spectacular seaside, complete with a backdrop of blue skies, seagulls, rocks and a boat!


The residents enjoyed both watching and getting involved with the nostalgic production, rowing the boat, pulling the rope and waving to passers-by.


Following the action-packed activity, the residents had built up quite an appetite, so they relaxed whilst they were served a picnic lunch of cucumber sandwiches and pink lemonade.


Bev Furr, activity coordinator at Connors House commented: “The residents loved the activity, as whilst it was animated, it was still very calming and they all said they felt very relaxed after. We are all looking forward to seeing what their next visit will bring!”



  1. Admirable guys, Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company did a very good job,I was imaging this activity situation and was completely lost in thought .The Senior Health people residents must be so happy and they must be rewinding the memory of their younger age.This type of activity would make them feel so energetic and relaxed.Good work and nice activity.Worth Remembering.


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